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I just had my first session with Aliya. I must admit that I am highly impressed by how she took control of what needed to be focused on and pinpointed concrete issues and what needs to be done to eliminate them.

I cannot wait for my next session.
She is very positive and enthusiastic and really thrives on offering sincere support and guidance in order to achieve a path which is both realistic and attainable.
I highly recommend her


We identified what was blocking me and Aliya gave me tips/tools to get rid of it.

I feel now confident that my professional goal is the right one, it is just a question of time and priority! (about “Reveal and express Your Life Passion” workshop)

Agnès Mc Vean

She’s concrete about the goal you want to achieve, if you aren’t sure, she will help you pinpoint your goal and understand what will be best to work on.
She knows what she is doing and she has good tools to get results.

Jakub Wituszyński‎


I’ve attended Aliya’s “Reveal & express your passions” sessions, and it was a life-changing experience. Thanks to the exercises she has provided, I was finally able to see my true self, embrace my strengths, & let go of weaknesses.

Separate puzzles of what I like & what I would like to do in life finally started to come together into one beautiful picture. My life changed beyond what I could have imagined:

Unexpectedly, I had to leave my full-time job & started working as a freelance consultant on digital strategies. And you know what? It works! I’ve never been a freelancer before & I would never imagine I would become one.

Now I work with start-ups & their business grows thanks to my efforts. I earn a decent salary & I can work from anywhere I want! Is it easy? No, it is not. I work more than before, but I am happy because I express myself the way I want and it is an amazing feeling )

Thanks again to Aliya for her training. It was truly life changing! But remember, that to take the best out of the training, you need to really be open to new experiences, be attentive to yourself, and ready to take necessary steps to really change your life for better 😉

Anna Boroshok

Success.studio – is the project Anna’s launched after participating in Big Jump workshop

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Hi Aliya, it’s been a while but I hadn’t posted a message after my sessions with you. 
I just wanted to thank you again for your incredible work. The last Reiki session I had with you was really great and helpful.

You are really amazing. Thanks again for all you work and for helping people. Wish you all the best!

Yace Cino


Aliya is a wonderful coach who finds the right approach for each individual and helps you to find the source of the problem as well so you can move towards what you really want.

She provides you with the right tools and then it’s all up to you to act on it!

Merit Hein


I randomly (and serendipitously!) encountered Aliya at a wellness event last fall and was treated to a complimentary 20-minute mini session.

During our brief exchange, I was astonished by her clarity, intuition, and the discovery that she was more in tune and aware of what was happening in my own body than I was! I experienced an immense relief and sense of liberation after our encounter, and this ignited a deep craving in me to pursue working with her further.

Luckily, she was offering an online workshop that I had the opportunity to attend: “Reveal and Express Your Life Passion” workshop”

I could rave endlessly about the benefits of working with Aliya and My Big Jump, but, long story short, my self-discovery was immeasurable and I am ceaselessly grateful to her for her insight, empathy, motivational techniques, positivity, acceptance, and particularly her unparalleled ability to GENTLY remove blocks and obstacles, as mine were not only keeping me stagnant but also causing me to experience immense suffering over my lack/loss of my overall sense of purpose.

Currently, I’m now THRIVING, rather than just surviving, and am feeling accomplished for ultimately achieving my goal of LIVING AUTHENTICALLY!!!

I highly recommend choosing to invest in both the magic of Aliya and the proven successful methods of My Big Jump, emotionally, mentally, and even financially, as your trust, time, and energy, couldn’t be better spent!

She is passionate about helping other women find their true life passion, and I am confident in her abilities to make your BIG JUMP a dynamic one!

Melanie Marie Piron

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Today we had the first webinar session. Personally, it was useful and concise,
I got all the information I needed and Aliya spreads only positive vibes.
She provided us with useful resources, which I will start exploring for sure.
The overall effect can be seen in the weeks to come. I will do my best. I wish the same to all of you people. Breathe in, breathe out.

Nina Vorgić

I had two Reiki shares and two individual sessions (one RPT and one Reiki) with Aliya and I highly recommend her.
I really enjoy her peaceful vibe and sharp insights. She captures accurate and helpful messages for me, and I also feel it’s easier to enter the meditative state with her company. 

She reminded me not to identify myself with those traumas and constraining patterns, they are not the real me, and they are to be healed rather than to be grasped. Simply this realisation gives me more freedom and alertness in life. Encountering awesome healers outside is an opportunity to bring out our inner healers.
We are all tempted by comfort, but the real us also long for living fully.


Thank you Aliya !
Those who are reading my comment here, now I am talking to you:
It is not a coincidence that you are reading these notes here.
Coincidences do not exist.
You may be attracted by the word “Big Jump” like I was.
You are right. It is attractive.
Aliya offers a first talk about 30 minutes for free. She says in her video that you will not find the answers to your questions in these 30 minutes.
But I would add; “who knows? You may also find them from the very first moment”
With Aliya this first exchange was already a positive one.
She knows how to ask questions, so you hear yourself.
I heard myself.
So this first exchange was incredible. Then I have decided to continue my work with her.

Right after these 30 minutes I had already noticed things changing in me.
It was amazing to see how I could go faster with ideas in my mind.
No more fear, no more useless questions, barriers.
The next time, Aliya pointed out some other essential issues for/in me through her work.
How come that I could change so rapidly?
Is she an angel?
What helps to be so successful is your own intention.
I was already bearing in my mind some ideas, thinking about changing but it seemed huge like a mountain that I cannot cross through valleys.
I felt “accompanied” by Aliya.
She puts her “heart”, feels you, and gathers the necessary energy to you.
I am bluffed, I must admit.
She truly believes that we own all that we need to be who we are, to do what we want to do.
If you are reading this, it is not a coincidence.
Welcome to your inner work.
It will be amazing.
Now all I wish is to come back with another comment sharing what I could achieve which was my Big Jump!
I believe in myself.
I believe Aliya can do much more.

Arzu Ged Bel


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