My Top 5 Apps to Stay Efficient

My Top 5 Apps to Stay Efficient

This post has 2 objectives, you may choose whichever suits you best:

– Either to introduce you to a new and useful application that, hopefully, will change your habits for the better,
-Or to remind you of the importance of using them.
It’s time to accept that we aren’t very good at self-organization, so let’s use technology to help us out with this.
Success is a combination of passion and discipline
Helps you to control and organize your time better.
I put it last, not because it isn’t helpful (at one point in my life it completely changed the way I worked, my productivity was raised, I’d say by about 40%), but because I use it much less now. I think my tasks became different: more meetings and more calls. But for sit-and-do kinds of tasks, Pomodoro is great. Plus, it helped me to better prioritize and control my time, even when I don’t use the application. Changing a habit is a big deal!
Pomodoro helps you to plan and organize your work hours. When was the last time you controlled the time that you devoted to a specific task?
Usually we work until it’s done. Which might take many hours. Which is totally going in the opposite direction of our biology.
Even if our Ego wants it all now, our body can only focus on one thing at a time and can only be very efficient within a limited time period. Afterwards we need to change the activity, rest, and then get back to work.
Working in cycles is our natural rhythm. And Pomodoro helps us with that.
It breaks up our time in Pomodoros: time slots of 25 minutes each, and it notifies you when it’s time to take a break or switch to another previously planned activity.
It’s not just an application, it’s an independent technique. For more information, check it out here
Maybe it’s not the best app of its kind (feel free to share if you know a better one), but it helps me to NOT forget things and to keep an eye on my priorities simply by using “reminders” on my phone. It’s my second brain: I have something to do tomorrow, or in one month (which may include meetings, tasks, business and personal events, birthday,s etc), so I add a reminder, and it tells me when/what I need to do at a specific time.
Plus it’s wonderfully synchronized throughout all the platforms. So, if you want to receive a reminder on your mobile app, in your browser, your email, just say so!
3. F.LUX
This isn’t about efficiency, rather, your health. Which, in the end, is your efficiency. This app changes the color of your screen when the sun goes down according to your time zone, so your eyes get less tired. What a wonderful innovation!
This is an app for audiobooks. I actually have 2 apps of this kind. I can’t say I necessarily prefer Audible, as it’s both expensive and I can’t always find a certain book because they aren’t all offered there, but it’s a good example of its kind. Feel free to find the app that best suits you, and then kindly share it with us 🙂
Why an Audiobook app? Because it saves me so much time! I can go for a walk AND simultaneously keep learning (therefore developing my business) at the same time! I can clean my apartment and listen (I hate cleaning, but if I listen to an interesting book, it becomes more like a meditation).
I can just lay down and CLOSE MY EYES and listen to a book.
I emphasized “close my eyes”, because I work way too much on my computer.
And usually I have to be sitting to get things done, but when I have the chance, I prefer to get things done while moving. And since I can’t be on the move or in motion while reading a book at the same, I quickly became an audiobook addict.
It saves time and it’s good for the body (I don’t have to sit to read). What else could I possibly wish for?
For taking notes.
My favourite one. Actually, I’m writing this particular tip while using Evernote in an offline mode, sitting in an airplane that’s heading towards Burma to enjoy a 3-week vacation. What a life! 🙂
So why is this my #1 app? Again, there might be other ones, but, to be honest, I’m too lazy to look for something else and I’m quite happy with Evernote, despite having some problems with this one too, like long notes disappearing.
Fortunately, it doesn’t happen often. Really, it’s sooooo easy to use. Especially on my Android phone: one easy click on a widget (I think it’s called that, anyway) and immediately I can write a note to preserve an idea (which can disappear if your notification takes way too long to open), or a quote, or a post, or a thing to do, or an affirmation with a reminder, etc. Other apps for notes (and even Evernote itself) are quite long to download, especially when all of a sudden you need to write down your brilliant idea fast. And with this additional widget, it’s even faster and opens right away. This has changed my life.
To have a notebook (physical or digital) is a must, especially if you’re an entrepreneur: ideas are flying all over the place and it’s up to you to catch them and…write them down! Even if it’s a crazy one and has nothing to do with your business or your world in general, if you like it- write it down, it might inspire you in ways you can’t even imagine!
I also have my physical notebook (Moleskin, of course, :P,  have to be in style now no matter what!) where I write sometimes, but I usually forget it, and the phone is always with me. Plus, a digital notebook (Evernote, in my case) is continuously synchronized, so I can edit my ingenious ideas from anywhere. I can also group them, categorize them, and easily search for them. Beyond love it!
There are other options I don’t use, but they may be of interest to you: For example, if you meet a lot of people, you can scan their information from a business card directly to Evernote. With Webclipper, you can save a web page, or a part of it, as a note. You can also create shared notes and have a chat right within Evernote.
“I don’t go anywhere without my notebook.”
“Advice for 2017 – Write it down!”
(Richard Branson)
P.S. Note that although I use social networks and email (Gmail, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.) as part of my business (and most of my clients actually come from these sources), I didn’t mention them in this list. This is mostly due to the fact that I only use these applications once a day (or let’s say I’m trying to limit my use to once daily) to check my most important updates and messages. During the day, especially when I work:
And you know what? Nobody has died over my not answering their message right away. Totally the opposite: I became MORE productive and focused. Otherwise, an immediate reaction to another notification is a total waste of time and energy.
So, use these suggested apps, or at least try them and then share if you find them useful (or not).
Comparatively, what’s your #1 app/method, that helps you to be most productive? I’m always interested in learning techniques that are more useful.


Work with passion,


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