Interview tips from ex-HR professional

Interview tips from ex-HR professional

These are the insights from my short but intense experience working as an interviewer.

one question-one answer
always carefully listen to the question asked and answer excatly to the question. do not give additional information. only if you feel that they are getting the wrong image from you based on the info you provided before.

the nice you are – the better.
be very happy to hear/see HR. even if the job is not that important, show your interest. in that case,even if you do not have direct experience for the job, but you are nice, you are super interested and you have close experience then you most probably will be hired!

if you are late, or not showing up for the interview – apologize
but not too much. hearing I am sorry for 10 times, makes HR think that you are probably not that honest, and just trying to make up for a mistake. but do not ignore the fact that you were late either, saying i am sorry, very briefly, explaining why, showing that you are ready to take responsibilities for that. but no more, do not mention it many times throughout the interview. one time, short, looking “aware” of what you have done, but not guilty too much

before you start selling yourself
before saying how great you are make sure that you completely understand what this job and comppnay is about. if you have a hard time to understand it from the open source information, ASK!

do not say that you are the best !! ( i am capable, i am good bla bla)
show with your results, and your experience

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