What is YOUR favourite self-development book of all time?
A book that changed your life? The book that “inspired/motivated you to find the courage to seek transformation/change”?

For me, it is Mind Power Into the 21st Centuryby John Kehoe. (I actually listened to it in Russian, so I hope I found the correct name in English). it is very easy to read, positive, POWERFUL, encouraging book that reminds us about how we can change our lives just by using our minds (from day-to-day relationships to healing the physical diseases). Amazing TRUE stories and applicable tools. “Negatives only have power over you when you react to them”

Oh, and the book that I have to mention here as well is Hypnotizing Mariaby Richard Bach. It is not a manual, it is not teaching you anything, it is just a story. Not even a true one. But it IS life changing. “What if the world around us is the perfect mirror of whatever we believe?”

P.S. Photo comment: here is the book that I am reading now: 4 Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss.
WOW! Highly recommended for Entrepreneurs and those who are interested in Time Management and Productivity tips. (don’t judge my look, it was me after many hours in the train =)

*The post is inspired by a comment of Melanie Marie Piron on my Life Video: “Reminders to keep your Life in Balance
Thank you, Melanie!




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