Core Value Session (BLACK FRIDAY SALE)



Values are the core of our identity, yet many people go through their entire lives without ever understanding what their own actually are.
You have the opportunity to separate yourself from being one of these types of people and instead understand:
• What truly motivates you at the deepest level.
• What the essential basic blocks of your most fulfilling profession are made of.
Defining your values will help you to make the right decision.
This doesn’t always give a super-obvious result, but it’s definitely influential in decision making.
For me, personally, values help one to better understand other peoples’ opinions and to be accepting of them. For example, in a situation where there are alternate views, instead of getting angry or nervous, I am able to see the difference between our values, and this perspective/insight liberates me from the obligation to prove anything or create discord.

*If you are not sure what type of session to choose, book your FREE mini session, and see for yourself how Big Jump is able to help you with it.


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