Problem or Situation Analysis (BLACK FRIDAY SALE)



Sometimes, even before committing to a big jump in your life, you may first need a bit more clarification about the situation. Perhaps, you are feeling so lost, that you have a hard time even saying (knowing) why or where you are lost.

At this level, it’s important to get to the root of the problem, to better understand its nature so you can then find the most beneficial solution for it.

That’s what Big Jump offers you; when you feel unhappy, but you aren’t sure why and therefore not sure what to do about it.

This session is not about finding solutions yet. Rather, it’s about analysing and structuring the situation in question so you can start seeing the clear path that will lead you out of the fog.

I, Aliya, am offering this because I have already defined my strengths and weaknesses, and while doing so, discovered that one of my main skills is to accurately diagnose a situation, an organization, or a person and then to provide insights which ultimately become the building blocks (the foundation) for the Success Strategy.

And I am happy to help you to take this 1st step.

*If you are not sure what type of session to choose, book your FREE mini session, and see for yourself how Big Jump is able to help you with it.


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