1st Individual Session (BLACK FRIDAY SALE)



Here is where the real work happens. This is our work structure:
• We confirm that your goal is truly desired and that your motivation comes from your heart, rather than an attempt to avoid problems.
Then, our work is divided into two main parallel processes, in three parts each:
• Revealing, step by step, all the pieces your Life Passion is made of.
• Putting the pieces of your puzzle together.
• Finding the most comfortable way for you to integrate it and express it in your daily life.
• Analysing what’s stopping you from the desired result.
• Digging deep for the true reasons of those obstacles.
• Helping you to get rid of those barriers in the most comfortable way for you at the moment.
Finally, you use your recently revealed inner resources to Work and, eventually, Live with Passion!

Get ready! We are going to tackle the big things: your passions, your dreams, your mindset, as well as the big issues that are separating you from expressing your Life Passion.

*If you are not sure what type of session to choose, book your FREE mini session, and see for yourself how Big Jump is able to help you with it.


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