“I was running around, throwing the stuff I needed into my bag, thinking OMG…I’ll going to be late AGAIN. Just half an hour ago I was almost prepared…Where did the last half hour go?? Oh, water. I should take my bottle of water. Where is it?.. OK, I think I’m ready. Last check: money, keys, water, phone… Did I switch off the iron?..”
This was me while preparing for yet another meeting. I was late, as it turns out, another person was as well, so it ended up being okay.

I began to notice that I had less and less time for anything and everything. And this issue of being late continually repeated itself. I remember that I didn’t understand why exactly, or what the reason specifically was, and, most importantly, I couldn’t seem to change it. It’s been a while now since I have reminded my clients that it’s not even just about self-love (everybody knows it but no one practices it), but about respect.


It turned out that it’s a much easier concept to grasp and apply then self-love.
So, I’ve been thinking about it recently and about the paradox of frequently being late… and here’s where the dots were connected.
It’s all about respect, my friends…
Before saying: “ah, I already know”, read this first and really try to feeeeel what I’m trying to say here…
So. Respect.
Are you often late (like me)? Or maybe you have way too many things to worry about? Are you stressed about not finding the time to do what you want/need?
It’s amazing how changing your approach to life on a big level can influence such concrete everyday problems.


Honestly, for this, I don’t have a specific tool regarding how to apply respect to your problems.
At some point, I just decided to treat myself and everyone around me with respect.
I don’t say that I think about it often, but reminding myself does help.
You can use it as an affirmation.

The trick here is to FEEL IT in your bones, that you deserve to change your life by treating it with MORE RESPECT.

Self-love comes afterwards.
I feel that if we remind ourselves about respect, we go from the Ego back to the ground and we start to see everything with more clarity and with a more practical approach.
Treat your schedule with respect. Your partners. The people you meet with. Your co-workers. Your family. Your friends.
Respect your clients (take the time to feel it, don’t take it for granted).
Your body. Your mind. You.
Make a decision to be respectful.
You’ll see how much easier it will be to make a decision.


As you practice being respectful, even things like communicating will get easier and smoother.
For example, I was stressed about talking to a person about something because I knew she wouldn’t like it. As you can see my focus was on myself and potentially hurting my own ego, along the lines of: OMG, how can I allow someone to not like me?
Then I reminded myself about the practice of respect. Thus, my focus automatically switched to the fact that she had a right to know that I wouldn’t be able to make it.
Focus changed. Less pressure.
It’s surprising, but it works.


Treating the situation with an attitude of respect highlights the aspects that were ignored by your vision before: another person’s time, choices, freedom, feelings, etc…
When you allow yourself to feel respectful towards yourself and others, it prioritizes the other things that weren’t seen by your Ego.
It brings more balance into our lives.
I respect your time, and thus, I will wrap this up now 😉 Otherwise, I’ll go on forever!
Thank you for your attention.

Live with Passion,

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