To entrepreneurs, to new starters, to teachers, to trainers (which is practically everyone that I know!), to coaches, to those who are stuck and/or desperate, to everyone who starts, continues or completes his/her project, and especially to those who (in)directly influence people with their work….

Before launching/doing something and taking for granted that the skills will come naturally, or if you’re being self-centered by thinking that your situation and problems are unique, or if you’re just scared to expose your weaknesses to the world, GOOGLE IT FIRST.

Ok, this is just a generalization, you can use any channel/tool you prefer for receiving information, but what I mean is that before doing something and learning from your own experience, meaning mistakes or revelations, just ask the world first: has anyone before had the same experience and how did they deal with it?

Stop assuming that you are the only one who has all the answers: there are billions of people out there! That’s really a lot. And thousands of years of history behind us. Millions+ actually. Do you think no one has ever had the same problems/ideas/challenges/diseases as you? Maybe. But before assuming that,

Go out there and LEARN, look, search for the information on your topic of interest and see if it’s already out there. You’ll save so many of your own neural cells and that of maaaaany other people, lots of time, money and effort in general. Just assume that you aren’t the only one, nor the first person, with the same questions.

Just google it, youtube it, facebook it, wiki it, just ask other people who know and have A LOT of relevant experience and recognized achievements. Basically, just ask the world first.

How to talk to clients? How to stop jumping from one project to another? How to make a website? Or create a blank page: “coming soon”? How to teach? What are my responsibilities as a teacher? What’s the difference between teaching/presenting/selling? How to be a speaker? What is depression and how to deal with it?…

And then make your business happen. Don’t start from scratch. There’s no need to do this anymore. The answers are out there. Just make an effort first to reach out for them. I’m not saying follow the rules, I’m talking about getting the basic knowledge before doing something and making mistakes (that can cost you a lot and also seriously impact/harm other people). Ufff.

And good luck :))

Live with Passion,

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