VERY concrete things to remember, while trying to succeed.


This is THE key criteria for me, honestly. The more I work for myself, the more I understand that:

  • There are always things to do.
  • I’m just a human being and, as such, I have physical limitations

With this vision, everything comes down to priorities.

More success you have -> the more defined and stronger your priorities should be.

In the beginning, you are excited by every little email or message from the potential client/partner. You see it on your phone, you get all pumped up, so you rush to answer it right away.
The habit sticks. You start receiving more and more emails, messages are pouring in from all over the place, soon you find yourself WORKING ALL THE TIME with almost NO RESULT.
Because of a lack of priority.

More success means more of everything: emails, calls, responsibility, more and more people asking for your attention, and therefore your time.

And if you continue to work in the same way (meaning trying to accomplish more and more things by yourself and all at once), you will either FAIL very soon or get BURNED OUT (as I did, so trust me,it’s really really preferable to just fail).

Take time to list all the of things you think you need to do and then PRIORITIZE them

according to their urgency and your physical abilities. Do it on different levels: day-to-day activities and your global brand strategy.


This is linked to priority. It’s about being internally strong enough to make a decision to:

  • Switch tasks without finishing the current one.
  • Be strong enough to say NO to some people. Or yourself when you try to achieve everything at once.
  • DELEGATe your responsibilities. This is sooooo hard to do for those who are starting to work on their own because it comes with accepting the fact that you AREN’T THE BEST at something. But, truthfully, if you want to succeed, you need to learn how to let go.
  • Protecting your beliefs regarding your brand, your know-how, and your values.


You need to know what you believe in, what your business stands for.
You think you do? Tell me now using only a couple of sentences.

Your values have to be STRONG. You need to know where they start and where they finish.

You need to be able to compare them without under/over estimation.
You need to EXPRESS them clearly to yourself, and then, to others.
It’s important to protect them when necessary, but not to impose them on others. This is called respecting others’ opinions.

Learn how to FILTER any nonstop flow of information according to your well-defined values.

Otherwise, you’ll get lost in other peoples’ values and will constantly change your behaviour/strategy every time you are influenced by someone else’s beliefs.


Don’t give up.
You fail when you stop.

If you have not succeeded yet, it means you aren’t there YET.

Live with Passion,

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