This is about the 1st thing TO DO when you have a decision to make or a problem to get rid of.

First of all, I ask my clients, “What do you want to get from our work together?” And most of the time they don’t know what to say.

They do, however, already know a LOT about their problem and how hard it has hit them.
Do you have a problem? Ok. And you know all about it? So be it.

If you truly want to change the situation, FIRST & MOST IMPORTANTLY,

DEFINE your desirable outcome, your goal.
DEFINE how you want to FEEL after your breakthrough.



Simply because when you know more about what bothers you, rather than what you want, the energy stays on the wrong side of the balance: the negative one.

Switch the focus from the problem to your desire. Bring more energy to the positive outcome.

The first step towards your goal is to DEFINE IT.

If it’s too hard, start with first DEFINING your issue: what do you want to get rid of? Then, it will be much easier to figure out and then DEFINE what you want to get in the end: it will be the opposite of your problem.

I am capitalizing “DEFINE” because it’s THAT important. You need to take a pen and actually write down your desired outcome in one sentence: “I have an intention to (have/get/feel)….”

It’s critical to DEFINE your desire, to put it in words.
And FEEL while defining. FEEL like you have achieved it already.
How does it make you feel? Include your feelings in the goal.

For example, “I have an intention to open my own online store, and when I do it, I will feel more confident and free in expressing myself”.

Or, even better, mention ONLY feelings in your goal: “I have an intention to feel love and acceptance in the relationship with my mother”.

If you just think: “Umm, I think I already know what I want, so I don’t have to put it into exact words”, then you are just wasting your time by trying to change the situation.

Let’s be honest, if you won’t even bother to put your goal into a sentence, then you’re NOT interested in making any kind of steps towards changing the situation.

Up to you. You can do it now, or keep procrastinating.

Live with passion,


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