I invite you to take a look at one of the most incredible experiments in quantum physics: The wave/particle duality.
Here’s a short descriptive cartoon

It would be very hard to believe this if it wasn’t already true.
Long story short: The particles changed their behaviour because they were observed.
Just think about it:

The very fact that it was being observed changed the behavioural nature of the matter.

For me, this experiment clearly, no, literally, shows how

Our perception of reality is being influenced by our strong (but not always best) beliefs.

I see it like this: Our biased mind creates very strict frames, or more accurately, chooses the frames within which it exists.

In order to let the magic happen (or whatever we want to achieve) we need to open those frames, in order to let reality surprise us!

Otherwise, our frames are very rigid: the “borders” of our perception, therefore our reality, are closed. As such, they FILTER all of the information around us according to those beliefs.
How can we bring something new into our lives and be open to new possibilities if we’ve programmed ourselves to NOT see them?
To make Big Jumps happen, we need to learn how to stop “observing the particles” (controlling the borders of our reality).

How can you fill the cup if it’s already full?

Full of our expectations, experiences, fears, opinions, etc.
We need to let the magic happen, by opening, (expanding) the borders of our reality, therefore creating a space for the miracle to come in. That’s how our reality responds to our inner beliefs.
Hmm…actually, no, wait. To be more precise: that’s how we SEE the reality, even though it could be very different.
That’s why sometimes, well, frequently, we fail to understand the reasons behind someone else’s behaviour. We perceive things differently!
Or, often when we make our minds up regarding an idea, all of a sudden opportunities start to pop up. This happens because we are finally allowing ourselves to see more. We then start to accept more things into our reality. These opportunities existed before, but now we’re able to see them.
This state of mind is key when we want to define or express our Life Passion.

This is s the first step in making a decision about choosing/changing a career: opening our mind to new possibilities.

Allowing our world to be re-shaped, if it’s necessary. That’s the spirit!

Being open and/or playful is a must for those who want to jump from being “lost in profession” to “professionally fulfilled”.

Open-mindedness is essential for belief.”
(Napoleon Hill. Think and Grow Rich)

If you have some time before making a decision, use some of it to study yourself. Look at yourself as if you’ve never looked at yourself before, as something new, magical and exciting.

Study yourself before choosing another frame (professional or personal).

Live with passion,

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